About Us

Eszter Petronella, Soós (1984), founder

MA in political science (ELTE ÁJK, 2009), MA in French language and literature (ELTE, BTK, 2008). Eszter is a PhD student at ELTE Doctoral School of Political Science.

Her doctoral dissertation on contemporary gaullism  will be ready soon.

Eszter is a lecturer at ELTE Faculty of Law, teaching seminars French Politics and Political Analysis in Practice.

Eszter is widely recognized for her expertise in French politics, and she frequently gives interviews to prominent national newspapers, and is a frequent guest of leading news channels. She is also co-founder of Bridge to France.

Attila, Nagy (1995), assistant, junior analyst

He started his studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Corvinus University in 2014. He is
currently working on completing his thesis.

Attila is a junior analyst, who has behind him one and a half years of experience in political analysis and consultation.

He is the first co-worker of the Grandeur Institute.

Stemler Andrea

Andrea Stemler (1976), co-founder of Bridge to France and partner of Grandeur Institute

Andrea Stemler has been an expert in European politics for 15 years. She is a former diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary. In Brussels, she represented the interests of her country in several key strategic areas, from neighbourhood policy through trade policy to energy security.

Since 2010 she has been working as an independent consultant, helping public and private actors develop their international strategy. She provides assistance to companies in order to analyse, predict and understand French and European political decisions, evaluate their possible consequences, and increase her clients’ room for manoeuvre through building strategic alliances and improving their negotiating position.

She also examines the effectiveness of EU-funded programs for regions and public agencies in the framework of her public policy evaluation practice.

As a co-founder of Bridge to France, she helps the expansion of Hungarian companies in France by providing them with various legal, tax, economic and political advice.

As such, she is Grandeur Institute’s business partner in Paris.